Three-Dimensional Work

The Assembly Line: A History is the predecessor to today's tablet. One continuous page scrolls beneath the screen as the cranks turn.
materials used: recycled projector cranks, plywood, four flat-end bolts, plexiglass sheet, eight nuts, walnut wood stain, paper

Hub West was created in conjunction with WD-40 to encourage young professional men of the West Coast states to live without a car, transporting themselves in other ways and supporting their local communities by shopping and dining closer to home. This multi-purpose map bike map of the first Hub West city, Portland, doubles as a bicycle seat or backpack cover.
materials used: Tyvek, metal grommets, reflective tape, nylon cording 

Sol Remi Neroli Oil is a concept bottle designed to emphasize the healing scent of the bitter orange blossom, from which neroli oil is made. The dropper in the center of the cap allows for ease in adding neroli oil to bath water and oil burning dishes.
materials used: wire, Sculpty clay, rubber dropper, acrylic paint, metallic embellishing powder, paper

The Corn Palace Festival takes place each year in Mitchell, SD to celebrate a bountiful corn harvest. King Corn presides over all the corny festivities after he is presented with his corny crown in the regal corn box filled with, well... corn.
materials used: whole kernel pressed corn feed, plastic planter box, plastic costume crown, hot glue. acrylic paint, burlap, satin fabric, Golden medium clear gel