Frequently Asked Questions


So, what exactly do you do?

I’m a graphic designer with a marketing background who specializes in brand design. That means I make all the things (yes, all of them) that a brand requires for proper and lovely operation. Besides visual brand identity systems, if it is printed or digital, chances are I’ve made one before and can absolutely make on for you.

What if these defined packages don’t work for me?

I’m happy to provide a custom estimate for any scope of work! Tell me about your project here, I’ll be in touch in a couple of days to set up a call.

I just want a logo, why do I need a full brand?

A logo is made up some form, colors, and most likely a font or two. And chances are, you’re going to want to use that logo somewhere with probably some words and images. If you’re already gone to the trouble of having a custom logo made, why not make everything around it thoughtful too? My projects will always include defined logo, color, and typography at the minimum. Be thoughtful about all touch points of your business, your customers will take notice.

A logo is not a brand, but rather, is the cornerstone of a brand.

Brand design is very much a relationship. I start by discovering as much as possible about you, your business, and your industry at large. From sketches, I present 2-3 logo options from which you select one to refine and move forward with. Once we have the logo, we move to choose color and typography and any other brand elements that make sense.

You’ll receive all appropriate logo file types (jpg, png, eps, favicon) that you can use to your heart’s content. I also provide a brand guide (depending on your need) that outlines all brand elements.

What is your logo design process like?

How much do you charge for branding design work?

Flat rates, deposit up front, hourly overage rates, etc.

Investing in your brand is just as important as investing in a good product or service to sell. Armed with amazing training and years of experience, I work very hard to create a brand that will last for years to come.

How long does it take to get a brand designed?

Depends on size of company and scope of project, but usually 4-6 weeks from discovery to logo-files-in-hand. Timelines are fickle beings and can easily shift for a number of reasons. If feedback takes longer than the allotted three days, if one of us gets sick, if the client goes on vacation for three weeks, etc.

The important thing to remember here is that design is a process done by a human (me). Things will come up that we can’t predict and that’s okay. I encourage clients to be open to what the process might teach them and what it all might mean for their brand.

Who took your headshots?

My wonderfully talented friend Minette Hand. I strongly recommend you hire her too!

Still have questions? Answers await.