Wilder Cakes

Sara Jane had a knack for baking delicious bundt cakes inspired by cocktails. So much so that she sough to turn her hobby into a business. After learning about SJ’s interesting obsession with the late Gene Wilder, it became clear that no other name would do. “Wilder Cakes” fit perfectly: a nod to her funny idol and a wink to the wild side of her cakes. From there, I combined feelings of her delicate Southern roots with touches of feminine to create a visual brand that was as tasty as those boozy bundts.

Branding (Logo, color, typography, iconography, pattern)
Business cards


business card design detail
logo versions: primary logo, secondary logo, logo mark
business card design
a delicious lemony bundt cake
process of logo creation, sketches of logo design

process photo taken by Minette Hand.